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99 Kingwood Stockton Rd ~ PO Box 247 ~ Rosemont, NJ 08556
Phone: (609) 397-4991 ~ Fax: (609) 397-4939

Machine Shop, Big Bore SAE O-Ring Fittings, Precision CNC Milling, Fabrication, Prototype, Turning

This machine shop puts the actual emphasis on servicing you, the customer.  We work hard because you deserve the very best service.

When you experience an engineering problem, chances are we already addressed it.  For example, our patented Big Bore SAE O-Ring Fittings have saved numerous customers thousands of dollars on hydraulic and pneumatic pump repairs.

Whether your need is particularly challenging or simply standard and routine,  we will serve your needs efficienty and timely.  Call us today and experience the difference FMT Company makes.
Big Bore SAE O-Ring Fittings
Peter Frederiks, Founder
Frederiks Machine & Tool Company, Inc.
Our original Big Bore SAE O-Ring Fittings Catalog & Specifications
Email: info@fmtcompany.com / Phone: (609) 397-4991
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