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Machine Shop, Big Bore SAE O-Ring Fittings, Precision CNC Milling, Fabrication, Prototype, Turning
Email: Phone: (609) 397-4991
Founded in 1979 by Peter Frederiks, we are a full service machine shop and manufacturing center.

Over the years we have grown from a "basement shop" to a 3,000 square foot facility,
with state-of-the-art CNC machining capabilities.

We excel at both prototype and production and we have the ability to work directly with your design
engineers to find the most cost-effective way to produce your product.

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Along with our shop capabilities, we manufacture our own line of SAE BIG BORE O-Ring fittings and pipes.

We have a complete inventory of fittings most common to the hydraulics and pneumatics industry, in both steel and stainless steel.

For special requirements, our in-house facility allows us to custom design and manufacture fittings to your needs.

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